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Welcome to Worksheetsdirect. I hope you will find HISET, TASC and GED help so that you can pass the GED Math test. This is also a great site to help learn basic and intermediate math skills. Explore the site and download free printable GED math worksheets as well as view easy math videos. I have also put together a course on Learning Fractions. If you like the site and find it useful, share it with your friends and colleagues, or simply give a G+. I have been told it is a useful tutoring resource for students of any age.

Having a basic and many times deeper understanding of math is essential. Math is something we use every day and like it or not…. everyone needs to have an understanding of basic algebra, basic geometry, fractions, decimals, and percents. It is also essential to know your basic math facts. Finding resources can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you homeschool or you are providing GED math help.

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WorkSheetsDirect currently offers FREE downloads of our videos, worksheets, flashcards an online quizzes  to our Registered Members.  These resources are perfect for anyone who needs GED math help or HISET and TASC math and  anyone who is homeschooling their children.  Also a great resource for for anyone needing general GED help. believes in “back to the basics”.  Thus, our videos are produced in a simple fashion using only a pen, notepad, and video creator.  We hope they are useful to you.

Download worksheets and other resources for GED, HISET, TASC, and Homeschooling students, parents, or teachers.

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Self Correcting Multiplication Facts Game Pre-Test

Multiplication facts game practice test. Think you don’t know your multiplication facts?  Want to know if your students or child knows their facts.  Have them take this quick self correcting multiplication pre-test and find out.  Then, if you need to download 100′s of free math worksheets to practice! Practice your math multiplication facts over and over again until you feel confident.

100 Math Facts Assessment

100 Math Facts Assessment


Knowing your multiplication facts is an important foundation to all areas of math.  Unless you know how to multiply, you will have a difficult time with fractions, decimals, percents, algebra, and geometry.  It is necessary for preparing for the GED math test.

Download the following multiplication math fact self correcting pre-test.  Have your student or child take the test…. then highlight the math table to show which math fact problems were wrong.  It is a great visual tool that will allow your child or student to know exactly which multiplication math fact problems they should focus on.

Depending on the age of the student, you can adjust the amount of time given for the assessment.

100 Multiplication Math Facts Assessment

Assessment Tool for 100 Multiplication Math Facts

Subtracting Proper Fractions with Uncommon Denominators | Worksheets

If you have mastered adding fractions with common denominators, then adding fractions with different denominators should not be too difficult.  The process is the same.  The video will take you step by step through this process.  Download free math practice worksheets as well. When you have mastered subtracting proper fractions with uncommon denominators, then you are ready to move on to subtracting mixed fractions.

subtracting fractions image

subtracting fractions image


View video and download worksheets to help learn and review subtracting proper fractions with different denominators.  Great for GED math help practice and home school.



Each download is a PDF that contains one worksheet and answer key.

Subtracting Proper Fractions Uncommon Denominators | Worksheet A

Subtracting Proper Fractions Uncommon Denominators | Worksheet B

Subtracting Proper Fractions Uncommon Denominators | Worksheet C

Subtracting Proper Fractions Uncommon Denominators | Worksheet D

Subtracting Proper Fractions Uncommon Denominators | Worksheet E

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