Percentage of Wage Increase

Percent is many times used to show change. It can be used to show percentage of increase or percentage of decrease. This is a concept that GED math students need to be able to demonstrate.

If you remember some simple key ideas, and practice a variety of problems, it will be easier to solve quickly on the GED math test.

  1. Determine the amount of change.  The amount of change is the difference between the new number and the original number.
  2. Divide the amount of change by the original number.  This will result in a decimal number.
  3. Change the decimal number to a percent.
  4. Remember that percent of increase CAN be greater than 100%.

New number – original number/ original number = decimal number = percentage of increase or decrease.

percentage of increase

percentage of change

How Much Will It Cost To Fix Driveway

It is important that GED math students know how to determine cost using the cost formula c=nr.

Cost formula

total cost = (number of units ) x (price per unit)

It is also important to be able to use this formula to determine the number of units or the price per unit.

total cost / number of units = price per unit

total cost / price per unit = number of units

Because this formula can be used in a variety of ways, it is important that when you solve a GED math problem you read the problem carefully and substitute the values back into the formula.  Also be aware that if there is extra important information, you include that as well.

What better way to practice this formula than to show students a real life application.  Not everyone will need to fix their driveway, but it may apply to many students… especially those in rural areas were gravel driveways are popular.

fixing driveway image

fixing driveway

This problem will give students an opportunity to explore this cost formula as well as algebraically set this problem to be solved.

One could also explore the cost per gallon of gas, cost of a single egg in a dozen, or cost comparison when looking at meat at a grocery deli.

Whatever you choose, your students will benefit not just for the test… but for days months years to come.

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