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Graph Linear Equation in Standard Form

GED math students need to know how to graph equations. Sometimes the equation will be written in the standard form, Ax +By = C where A, B, and C can be any number. Students can save time on their GED math test if they know how to solve and graph these equations quickly.

practice graphing equations in standard form

Students can download these free printable GED math worksheets to practice graphing linear equations in standard form.

Answer keys will be added soon.

Determine Slope of a Line From a Graph

GED math skill finding slope from two points

An important GED math test skill is to know for GED math help is how to find slope from two points. The following worksheets will help students reinforce that skill.

In these PDF worksheets, students will find the slope from two points. Each worksheet has two coordinate planes, each with two points. Another way of finding slope and an important GED math test skill is finding slope from a table.

Answer keys for these worksheets coming……..