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Printable Graph Paper

Graph Paper

Graph paper has a variety of uses when it comes to math. The most obvious use is mathematical graphing. You can also use it for art projects….

I have recently found that many math teachers are requiring their students to show their work and to put their assignments on graph paper. It helps keep the student organized.

If you have any favorite uses, please comment by going to our Facebook page or Contact page.

Graph Paper is a pdf download.

Graph Paper Down Load

Adding by 7 and 8 Flashcards

adding by 7 and 8 flashcards

Download adding by seven and eight flashcards to help learn/teach the basic math facts…

The download is a PDF that contains both sides (front and back) of the flashcard.

You will need to check with your printer to see if you can printed double sided.  Otherwise, print the first (front) page…. then put back in the printer to print the back side.

Adding by 7 and 8 Flashcards