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Algebra Word Problems - Basic Math

Solving algebra word problems is one area where one needs a lot of practice! First hand experience tells me that solving a handful of problems is simply not enough. In this case, more is better. View the video where I solve an algebra problem, and then download worksheets to practice. Each algebra worksheet download includes an answer key. Perfect!…

Worksheets and answer keys are PDF downloads.

Solving Algebra Word Problems | Worksheet A
Solving Algebra Word Problems | Worksheet B
Solving Algebra Word Problems | Worksheet C
Solving Algebra Word Problems | Worksheet D

Evaluating Variable Expressions Simple Worksheets

Download a simple worksheet on evaluating variable expressions.  It contains several examples of simple variable expressions…
A variable is a letter which represents one or more numbers. A variable expression is a collection of numbers, variables, and operations.  Three steps to solving these equations include:
  1. Write the variable expression.
  2. Substitute values for the variable.
  3. Simplify the numerical expression.
evaluating variable expression worksheet

evaluating variable expression worksheet

Download PDF Worksheet:    evaluate easy variable equations