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FOIL Method of Multiplying Binomials

How to multiply binomials using the FOIL method.

The FOIL method is one concept that anyone who is preparing for their GED math test needs to learn. The video below multiplies binomials that are all positive terms.  Those are fairly straight forward and easy. Be sure to review your positive and negative integers and how to multiply integers as well as combining integers.  Another concept you will want to review is multiplying and adding exponent rules…

View the following video (YouTube).

Download worksheets to practice the FOIL method.

Worksheet 1:  FOIL-Method-Worksheet-1
Worksheet 1 answer key:  FOIL-Method-Worksheet-1 answer key

Algebra Word Problems - Basic Math

Solving algebra word problems is one area where one needs a lot of practice! First hand experience tells me that solving a handful of problems is simply not enough. In this case, more is better. View the video where I solve an algebra problem, and then download worksheets to practice. Each algebra worksheet download includes an answer key. Perfect!…

Worksheets and answer keys are PDF downloads.

Solving Algebra Word Problems | Worksheet A
Solving Algebra Word Problems | Worksheet B
Solving Algebra Word Problems | Worksheet C
Solving Algebra Word Problems | Worksheet D