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Exponent Basics

Some questions on the GED math test will involve exponents and powers, so it is important the you understand the basics and how to solve them.

Exponents and powers are a way to show repeated multiplication. For example, 2^4 means the base of 2 is multiplied 4 times. In other words, 2^4 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16.

Any number raised to the zero power is one. For example, 10^0 = 1 or 56^0 also equals one. An exception is zero raised to the zero power which is undefined.

Any number raised to the one power is itself. For example, 12^1 = 12.

Worksheets and answer keys are PDF downloads.

Exponents Worksheet 1

Exponents Worksheet 1- Answer Key

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