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What is Needed For GED Math Test

As a GED instructor I am often asked what is needed for the GED math test.  What is the basics needed in order to learn the higher level math which they will see on the GED math test.  I tell those students that they should have a good initial understanding of number sense, fractions, decimals, and percent. Added to that is a general understanding of geometry and geometric figures as well as some understanding of integers.

It can be a bit overwhelming for students who have not focused on math in awhile, and some can get discouraged.  But, I tell them that their “life experience” will help them and they will be surprised at how much they really do know. I do recommend that students get some instruction using a good GED math book.  This can be sitting down with a tutor, or perhaps working with an instructor in a learning center. I also recommend that students take an “official practice GED test” which is offered through the GED Testing Service.  One does have to pay for them, but many programs and learning centers have vouchers so students do not have to pay for them.  I suggest that you check with your local literacy council or adult learning center. There are many resources on this site that will assist you on your journey.  If there is something you need…. but do not see…. please comment below. I will do my best to assist.

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