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Veggie Bags and Cost Per Unit

It is important to use real life examples when working with GED math.  What is better than a real life problem involving what we all love… the Farmer’s Market. I recently went to the Farmer’s Market and bought carrots and cucumbers.  The carrots were $1.75 per bunch and I bought 2 bunches.  The cucumbers were 3 for $2.00, and I bought 6.

Farmer's Market

If I was able to get 15 veggie bags from the produce bought at the Farmer’s Market, how much would each bag cost?

This is a great problem to teach cost per unit.  It could be set up several different ways depending on what math is being taught at the time.

Bring the vegetables to class to have a hands on lesson while enjoying a healthy delicious snack!

healthy vegetable bags

healthy vegetable bags

real life math problem unit cost

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