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Each of the links below will take you to a Quia activity or game that will help you or your learner practice their basic math facts.  Not a one time deal…. You can take them over and over again until YOU are sure you have them memorized.


Add by 1Subtract by 2Multiply by 2Divide by 2
Add by 2Subtract by 3Multiply by 3Divide by 3
Add by 3Subtract by 4Multiply by 4Divide by 4
Add by 4Subtract by 5Multiply by 5Divide by 5
Add by 5Subtract by 6Multiply by 6Divide by 6
Add by 6Subtract by 7Multiply by 7Divide by 7
Add by 7Subtract by 8Multiply by 8Divide by 8
Add by 8Subtract by 9Multiply by 9Divide by 9
Add by 9
Addition Facts Using Numbers 0 - 10Subtraction Facts Using Numbers 0 -10Multiply by Numbers 1 -1 2Division Fact Review 1-12
100 Addition Facts Quiz90 Division Facts Quiz 1-1250 Multiplication Facts Quiz
Integers: Multiplying Positive & Negative Numbers

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