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Algebra Worksheets for Download

Click on the algebra worksheets to go the page containing similar worksheets.  Links contain PDF GED math worksheet for download and most will have answer keys attached.  Those that do not will be indicated and will be added shortly. As a GED/HSED instructor, I know these are some of the basic skills building blocks that are needed to pass the new 2014 GED test.

GED Math Skill: Finding Points on a Grid

identifying points on coordinate plane
GED Math Skill: Finding Slope From a Table

quick and easy way to find slope from a table
GED Math Skill: Finding Slope From Two Points

GED Math Skills: Plotting Points on a Grid

Practice plotting points on a coordinate grid
GED Math Skill: Finding Slope Using Rise Over Run

Find Slope Using Rise Over Run

GED Skill: Graph Using Slope Intercept Form Formula

how to find slope using slope intercept form formula
GED Skill: Graph Equations in Standard Form

practice graphing equations in standard form
GED Skill: Solve and Graph One Step Inequalities

how to graph one step inequalities

Keep coming back. New links will be added on a regular basis.