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How to Multiply by 9 Worksheets

How do I multiply by nine?  Simple if you know the trick!..
Many learners, both children and adults, have difficulty learning certain multiplication facts.  When I meet with them the first time, I typically hear something like, ” I don’t like math.” or  ” It don’t understand math.”  And they will tell me that they do not know their math facts.  What they do not realize is that they know quite a few of their math facts, not all, but many. 
If they are working on their multiplication, I will first have them take my math multiplication facts self correcting test.  This will SHOW them just how much they DO know.
If they do not know all of their basic math multiplying by nine facts, I will then show them strategies so they can.  There are many great websites which do, but one of my favorites is They have short videos on three Tricks for Multiplying by Nine. These strategies, or tricks as they are sometimes called, are also great for anyone looking to learn GED math.

multiply by nine worksheets

Download multiply by four worksheets to help learn/teach the basic math facts.

Each download is a PDF that contains one worksheet and answer key.

 Multiply by nine- worksheet A

Multiply by nine- worksheet B

Multiply by nine- worksheet C

Multiply by nine- worksheet D

Multiply by nine- worksheet E

Multiply by nine- worksheet F 

Multiply by nine- worksheet G

 Multiply by nine- worksheet H

 Multiply by nine- worksheet I

Multiply by nine- worksheet J

Easy Multiplication Worksheets



Click on the links below to view and print easy multiplication worksheets. Each worksheet has a font size of 16 and is intended for learners just beginning to learn multiplication, grade level 3 & 4. Each worksheet is in PDF format.

Worksheets and answer keys are PDF downloads.

Range of Numbers

Multiplicand: 0-4

Multiplier: 0-4

Easy Multiplication Worksheet 1

Easy Multiplication Worksheet 1 – Answer Key

Easy Multiplication Worksheet 2

Easy Multiplication Worksheet 2 – Answer Key

Easy Multiplication Worksheet 3

Easy Multiplication Worksheet 3 – Answer Key