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Finding Common Denominators (using multiples) | Video

Finding common denominators can be difficult for many students.  One way is to teach your students, whether you are providing GED math help (or any GED  help) or homeschooling your children is to show them “multiples”.  That is, show/teach them how to find common denominators of fractions through the process finding multiples of each denominator until you find a common multiple.  Great resource for the new GED Test coming in 2014.

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Definition of Improper Fractions | Video

Knowing the definition of the different types of fractions is important.  Many students, especially students learning GED math do not understand this.  Be sure that your students whether you are homeschooling, tutoring, or offering GED help assistance know what an improper fraction is and how to change a mixed number fraction into an improper fraction.  It will help them as they proceed and learn how to add and subtract fractions…

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