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Geometry Formulas for Solid Figures | Worksheets

finding volume of cylinders and square pyramids

finding volume of cylinders and square pyramids

Volume is a measure of the amount of space inside a 3-dimensional or solid figure.  It is measured in cubic units such as cubic inches or cubic feet…

cylinder                      volume =   pi ● radius² ● height;  pi ≈ 3.14

square pyramid         volume = 1/3 ● (base edge)² ● height

sphere                        volume = 4/3 ● pi ● radius³;  pi ≈ 3.14

cone                            volume = 1/3 ● pi ● radius² ● height;  pi ≈ 3.14

rectangular solid       volume = length ● width ● height

cube                           volume = side ● side ● side

Each worksheet contains 8 problems with an answer key.

Worksheets and answer keys are PDF downloads.

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Triangle Description | Video

Knowing what a triangle is and how to identify the height of a triangle is an important concept for geometry and is necessary to know for the the GED math test.  Great video if you home-school your children or are providing GED Math help.

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