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Changing Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions | Video

One important step in working with fractions is changing mixed numbers (if there are any) to improper fractions.  View the video below to find out how.   Download and print fraction worksheets on changing between mixed numbers and improper fractions.


Graphing Equations: X Y Intercept Method | PDF Video

graphing equations X Y intercept method

graphing equations X Y intercept method

Are you struggling with algebra? Do you learn faster if you are able to see the lesson or problems worked out? But perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to attend a class. I recently learned how to create mini math lessons with PDF video. They are a great additional resource for anyone who is teaching basic math including GED math algebra. Each one highlights a math concept or problems on a particular math concept. Rather than just reading a workbook, students can view a lesson and see how the problems are worked out. It is kept simple. Just a pen, paper, and recording device.

This PDF fraction video focuses how to graph equations using X Y intercept method.

You do need Adobe Reader 10.0 or higher to view the video PDF math lessons.


View PDF Video | Graphing Equations Using the X Y Intercept Method