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Solving Linear Systems Through Graphing Equations

In this lesson you will learn all about graphing linear equations. Download the printable worksheet.  You can choose to work through it first, then view the video answers or you can work though it as you view the videos. 

  • You will determine if an ordered
    pair is a solution for a set of equations.
  • You will graph pairs of equations
    then use the point of intersection to back check that it will work
    in each of the equations.
  • You will be given a graph showing
    the point of intersection along with two equations.  Using that
    point of intersection, again you will check to make sure it is a

Solving Linear Systems Through Graphing

Printable Worksheet: Solving Linear Systems By Graphing Equations

Video: Answers for Part A

Video:  Answers for Part B, question 1

Video: Answers for Part B, question 1

Video: Answers for Part c, question 1

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