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Pencast PDF Videos

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A pencast PDF is a  file format that allows audio to play as active ink in Adobe Reader X (10.0.0 or higher).


Types of Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Reducing Fractions

Lowest Common Denominators with Pairs of Fractions

Cross Product Rule

Determining Equal Fractions Using Cross Product Method

Subtracting Unlike Fractions

Multiplying Proper Fractions

Multiplying Mixed Number Fractions PDF Video

Dividing Proper Fractions PDF Video

Dividing Mixed Numbers PDF Video


Adding Decimal Numbers

Subtracting Decimal Numbers

Multiplying Decimal Numbers

Dividing Decimal Numbers by Whole Numbers


Understanding Exponents:  Part 1

Multiplying Principal of Equality

Dividing Fractional Expressions

Building Least Common Multiples

Multiplying Fractional Expressions

Adding Polynomials

Simplifying Complex Fractions

 Algebra 1

 Graphing Equations:  Table Method

 Graphing Equations: X Y Intercept Method

 Graphing Equations: Horizontal/Verticle Lines

 Finding the Slope of a Line

 Given the Slope, Find a Y- Coordinate

 Introduction to Direct Variation

 Writing A Direct Variation Equation